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Istanbul Tax Law

Turkish Tax Legislation

The Turkish tax legislation can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Income taxes
  2. Taxes on expenditure
  3. Taxes on wealth

Income Taxes

The Turkish tax legislation has two main income taxes, they are individual income tax and corporate income tax. Many rules and provisions are the same for individual income tax and corporations, especially in terms of income elements and the determination of net income. However individual income tax and corporate income tax are regulated by different laws.

Individual Income Tax

The subject of individual income tax is the real people. The meaning of income is the net amount of revenues derived by a person within a year. According to Income Tax Law, incomes may be listed such as:

  • Business profits
  • Agricultural profits
  • Salaries and wages
  • Income from independent personal services
  • Income from immovable property and rights (rental income)
  • Income from movable property (income from capital investment)
  • Other income and earnings

Variety of individual income tax rate is between 15% and 35%.

Residency criterion is the key point for the taxes. Residents in Turkey are liable at tax on their worldwide income and they are considered as “full tax liable”. Non-residents are only subject to taxes on their revenues gained in Turkey and they are considered as “limited tax liable”. Residents are individuals with legal permanent residence and those who reside in Turkey for more than six months during one year.

Corporate Income Taxes

If the income elements listed in the Income Tax Law are derived by corporations, taxation is enforceable on the legal entities of these corporations. Corporate taxpayers has been described as:

  • Capital companies
  • Cooperatives
  • Public economic enterprises
  • Economic enterprises owned by associations and foundations
  • Joint ventures

If the legal headquarters or effective management of corporations are located in Turkey, they are subject to taxes derived from world-wide business. They are also called as resident companies.

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