Turkish Attorney Ekrem Yarar

Mr. Ekrem Yarar was born in Kutahya, graduated from Tavsanli IMKB high school in 2008 and graduated from the Faculty of Law of Marmara University in 2012. He was registered with Istanbul Bar Association and passed the exam for judges and public prosecutors to improve his knowledge of material law. He worked as an intern and then a lawyer for several law offices before starting to work for Ata Patent, Inc. He completed his conscription military service in Ankara. He speaks medium level English.

Mr. Yarar is a member of the Animal Rights Commission of Istanbul Bar Association and provides legal support for criminal law, family law, bankruptcy law, urban transformation law and business law cases.

Competition Law

Mr. Yarar provides legal counseling on lawsuits filed against banks on the grounds of cartel interest, which have considerably increased in this country in recent years. In this context, he files lawsuits for and on behalf of consumers, merchants and public institutions which borrowed any mortgage loan, consumer loan, motor vehicle loan or credit card services from banks from 21/08/2007 to 22/09/2011, and represents such clients at the said lawsuits.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

Mr. Yarar provides legal support for trademark registration applications, objections to such applications and other legal affairs with the Turkish Patent Institute. He also represents clients at lawsuits filed with the Court of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights for cancellation of trademarks, violation of trademarks and unfair competition.

Attorney at Law Ekrem Yarar


Bar Admission

“It's the first time working with an attorney for me, that’s why I don’t have any experience to compare, but I am so pleased and dearly satisfied with the current professionalism. “Trust” is the most basic feeling I have felt about Mr. Akkas since we met. I believe this is the most important value in the profession of lawyers.”
Ceren Atasoy