Akkas & Associates Turkish citizenship law firm has been providing immigration law services with a long record of excellence and professional leadership in Istanbul, Turkey. Turkish citizenship laws are complex and confusing for many people, however our immigration lawyers are expert in Turkish Immigration law and prepared answers to Turkish Citizenship FAQ 2020. Our investment for Turkish citizenship practice includes; buying, leasing, and selling residential and commercial properties to both domestic and foreign customers in Turkey. Our Turkish real estate lawyers also represent our clients in real property acquisition, we prepare real estate sale contracts or amend the contracts that are prepared by the developers. We also represent our clients throughout Turkish citizenship application process until they get their Turkish passport. Our lawyers suggest you to review Turkish citizenship guide to get more information about how to get citizenship in Turkey.

Turkey has slashed the financial and investment criteria for foreigners to become Turkish citizens. According to new regulations, foreigners can become Turkish citizens, if they own property worth 250,000 US Dollars for three years. Foreigners purchased 4.6 billion US Dollars worth of properties last year, with a large proportion of them from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Russia, according to official data.

Turkish Citizenship FAQ 2020

1. Does client need to buy a local telephone card when opening a bank account or applying for passport?
Yes, it is better to have a local phone number for opening a bank account. However, some banks accept foreign numbers as well.

2. Does client need to sign an engagement letter with your lawyer office for attorney service?
Not necessary, because we have an agreement with your company.

3. The POA is signed in Notary office, not in lawyer office, right? will you arrange a interpreter who can speak Turkish and Chinese in the process of signing POA ? and clients need to pay about 200 USD for POA and translation, right?
The PoA will be done at Notary’s office not at our office. We will arrange an interpreter who can speak Turkish and Chinese in the process of signing POA. Yes, clients need to pay around 200 USD for POA and translation.

4. Does client need to bring Chinese ID and household register when signing POA? No, we don’t need.

5. Does client need to offer their parent’s information in the process? We need client’s mother and father names when we get tax id number for them.

6. When the applicant’s spouse sign POA later, does it cost the same as the main applicant sign it before. Yes, PoA cost is the same, however they can sign in one PoA to save time and cost.

7. When you check the property status in the Municipality, the government (should be municipality) will give a property appraisal (this is not appraisal, this is the value of the property with the municipality, it is used when we pay garbage and environment tax)

8. What’s difference between this and the one Appraisal company give about the property value in market? Municipality values are a lot less than the market value and it is only be used when a property is sold between Turkish people, you cannot declare the sales value less than that. However, when a foreigner buys a property an appraisal report must be obtained from a licensed company.

9. How much is the property sales tax?
There is 4% property sales tax and it should be paid 50-50 by both sides however, sellers generally don’t want to pay and want to buyers to pay.

10. How is the property sales tax paid?
Property sales is paid in the same day when you sign the sales documents. It must be paid before the sale, tax office clerk must see that all the taxes paid to proceed with the sale.

Turkish Citizenship FAQ 2020

11. Is there any stamp duties of property the clients should pay?
There is “Garbage and Environment Tax” and it should be paid annually and it can be paid in May and November and is is around 2,000-3,000 TL for year.

12. We heart clients must buy property insurance, do you know how much it is usually and its coverage?
It is called DASK meaning earthquake insurance and it is around 600 TL annually.

13. Some people say that client needs to provide medical certificate and Chinese household register, and these need double legalized in the application of passport, how do you think?
It is wrong, it is old information. There is no need for medical certificate and Chinese household register.

14. If client wants to change his name for Turkish passport, does he need to provide his previous name document with double legalized? No need because we have his Chinese passport.

15. Do all the applicant need to fill the Citizenship Question before the application of passport? Yes.

16. When the wife should sign the POA?
At the same time or she can sign after buying property phase finished, but before filing citizenship application.

17. She can sign the PoA at the same time with her husband. Or before filing the citizenship application.
We cannot file citizenship application for her without a PoA from her.

18. Does the applicant must a health insurance before filing for residency?
Yes, it is required to get health insurance for the main applicant and health insurance premiums depend on the age, sex, weight, height etc.

19. I heard some child does not need to sign POA, does he need to finger printing also? Any age limit about finger printing?
We don’t need a PoA from child, but children must come to Turkey for ID and passport application and less than 7 years old kids don’t need to sign their passport.

20. At what stage do they need to visit Turkey? Before property purchase. Do they also need to be in Turkey for the fingerprint process? Yes, during passport process.

21. If they choose the real estate option, practically they will very likely travel to Turkey to view the property, but in theory do they need to be in Turkey for purchasing the property?
It is better them to be here to see the property, once they decided to buy, then can give us PoA to follow up property purchase and complete the whole procedure. So, they can come see the property and give us PoA and can go back to their country in a couple of days.

22. Do you have some contacts from the local real estate developers that you can introduce to us?
Yes, we have companies that work together.

23. As for the bank deposit option, which bank do you work with?
We have access to several banks. There are government banks, private banks, interests vary. Opening an account is difficult in HSBC in Turkey.

24. Can we also have a contact from the bank in case our clients have more questions to ask?

It is important to find banks with English speaking staff, we can help you.

25. Will the bank request a form of source of the funds from the clients?
No, they won’t.

26. What is the request of opening account?
Below documents needed for bank account opening:
1. Passport translation and notarization
2. Tax id number
3. PoA if the client is not in Turkey

27. Whether the clients could buy second-hand property or not if they want to apply for immigration to Turkey by means of purchasing property?
Yes, they can buy second-hand property, new property, land, office, shop. They can buy 2-3 apartments, stores, shops. They can mix.

28. Children under 18 can be added as dependents should they obtain Turkish passport before 18 years old or just ensure their application submitted before 18?
Their application should be filed and obtained citizenship before they are 18.

29. Do they need to do Military service after they got the passport?
If the applicant is more than 22 years old, he is exempt from military duty. If he is less than 22 years old and he completed military service in another country he is also exempt. If he didn’t do military service in another country then he needs go to army. There is paid option and if he pays around 6,000 Euros, he can go to army only for 1 month. If he doesn’t want to pay then he will go to army for 6 months.

30. What documents needed for opening a bank account and should I put some deposit at first?
We only need passport translation and Turkish tax ID number for bank account opening. We get these done. There is no requirement to put money however, it is good to put minimum 1,000 USD.

31. The applicant should buy a real estate above 250,000 USD and can sold it after three years.

32. How much property tax is charged in three years, no matter what type the taxes and fees are?
It is around 2,500.-TL per year, this tax will be a little higher or lower depending on the value of the property.

33. If he sell the house at the price of 300,000 USD, the Turkish government will tax the gained 50,000 USD?
Yes, we have a capital gain tax upto 35%. However, if they keep the property for 5 years there is no capital gain tax.

34. After the house is sold, the applicant can still hold the passport, right?

35. Does he need to come to Turkey every year or minimum years should he lodge in Turkey?

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